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The Tall Bookcase

Here's a tall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase with the versatility to serve a variety of purposes


17. TV shelf hardware. A combination shelf slide and lazy susan commonly referred to as a “TV Extension Slide” will be used to hold your TV shelf (P) and eventually your TV set. Attach the slide to the TV shelf (P) and fixed shelf (N) with #8 x 3/4" wood screws.

18. Make the top crown moldings. Use your Shopsmith Shaping Package with a Bead & Cove Cutter to create the crown molding for the top of the bookcase. Start by shaping one edge of a wide piece of your oak…then flipping your piece over and shaping the opposite edge. Once both edges are shaped, rip one side down to 3" wide, and the opposite side down to 1" wide. Repeat this process so you'll have two 3" wide and two 1" wide molding strips that are 48" long, each with one bead & cove edge.

All of the molding pieces must be measured precisely and cut with 45-degree bevels on the front corners, where they meet the mating moldings on each side. To avoid mistakes, we suggest clamping each 3" piece in place at the top of your bookcase and checking precisely where the bevel cuts should go. A Shopsmith Miter-Pro , used with your MARK V Miter Gauge will help ensure the accuracy of these 45-degree cuts.

Once you've cut the 3" wide pieces, lay your 1" wide pieces on top of the 3" pieces and mark them so they will continue your 45-degree angles. Note that the 1" pieces must eventually be longer than the 3" pieces for the corners to meet properly when the moldings are assembled to the bookcase carcase.

After cutting the bevels, glue-up the 3" and 1" moldings together as shown in the “Crown Molding” illustration. Line up the beveled edges and clamp them together while the glue dries.

Finally, clamp each of the three pieces of assembled crown molding into position on the top of your bookcase. Line up the two front corners carefully and clamp them into position while you drill pilot holes from the inside of the bookcase - through the top face frame (S) and sides (A & O) and into the back sides of the moldings. NOTE: When assembled, the molding should protrude 3/8" above the top surface of the cabinet top (B), making an overall bookcase height of 96". Assemble the moldings to the bookcase using glue and #8 x 1-1/4" wood screws. Once the moldings are assembled to the carcase, glue the top (B) into place.

19. Make the door. This door is optional and hides the audio/video tape and compact disc storage shelves. The vertical door stiles and horizontal rails can be made on the shaper using the Complete Cabinet Set cutters. Or, if you prefer, you could use the Shopsmith Router Package , Routing Table Kit or Pro Fence System Router Table with the Reversible Stile & Rail Router Bit Set.

It's important to note that using these cutters properly requires some practice and, depending on whether you use the shaper cutter set or router bit set, the overall profiles they produce may be somewhat different than the photo shown immediately below. Therefore, it's recommended that you practice making these cuts on some scrap wood (of the exact same thickness) prior to cutting the profiles in your oak pieces. It may be a challenge for you to achieve a perfect fit, but the finished appearance of your door will make all the effort worthwhile.

Once your rails and stiles have been cut and their edges created, slide a piece of 1/4" thick oak veneered plywood into the groove on the inside edges of your door frame pieces before gluing the stiles and rails together. Do not glue the plywood panel to the rails & stiles. No dowels will be necessary for assembly, since the cutters you use will create the proper corner joints for you.

Apply the appropriate finish to your assembled doors, add hinges and attach the doors to your bookcase.



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