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The Tall Bookcase

Here's a tall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase with the versatility to serve a variety of purposes

Here's a relatively simple-to-build bookcase that's sure to make an attractive addition to any room in your home. Designed to fill the space from floor-to-ceiling, it offers ten shelves and cubbyholes for books, decorator accents and audio/visual components, as you prefer. Our example features a swiveling, slide-out shelf for a compact TV set plus three adjustable shelves and an enclosed cabinet for storing audio/videotapes, compact discs or other items.


The nice thing about this simple design is the fact that it can easily be modified to suit your specific needs. For example, if your room ceiling is lower than 8-feet, make the bookcase shorter. If you need more shelves for audio/visual components, simply add them. If you need a larger space for your television, just eliminate some of the bookshelves, make the cabinet deeper or adjust it accordingly. A few simple adjustments are all that's required to make this attractive bookcase just what you need.

Our example has been constructed in five separate units….the carcase or outer frame which is all A/A (“A” grade on both sides), 3/4" red oak veneer plywood; the face frame which is solid 3/4" red oak; the moldings; the cabinet door; and the TV shelf with hardware.
SAFETY NOTE: If you're using a Shopsmith MARK V to build this project, a helper will be handy (and much safer) for cutting the large plywood pieces. If a helper isn't available for one reason or another, we recommend that you consider adding a Shopsmith Support Table and a Roller Stand or two to help you more safely control the large, cumbersome pieces.



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